Come sail along!

Are you planning your next vacation, wish for a retreat, want to spend quality time in nature and feel like doing this under sail? Perfect, you have found the right boat!


Time spent at sea is an intensive way to encounter the elements of nature and yourself. Life becomes simple and there is much opportunity for reflection, openness, and allowing for new possibilities.

I sign up a maximum of four guests at any time.  A sailing yacht is expensive to maintain. This is why I ask crew to contribute to the cost moderately.


Contact me for availability of the sailing passages listed below! I am looking forward to seeing you aboard soon.

Next to sailing there is enough time on our recreational trips (marked R below) to stop for bathing, snorkelling, relaxing, or shore trips with shopping, dining, and culture. We usually stay overnight in sheltered coves or harbors and marinas. This kind of sailing trip is recommended for newcomers to sailing or families. Offshore and ocean passages (marked O below) offer the opportunity to spend extended periods of at least several days at sea and also experience sailing overnight.


A sea voyage depends on many variables and is hard to predict. Hence our policy: As a guest we will let you chose either the time or the place you want to join us, but not both. Of course, we will strive to let you know as soon as possible where we might be so that you can make your travel arrangements. However, the exact port for (dis-)embarkment might change at short notice.

Dates* Planned Route                        O=ocean passage, R=recreational
17.10.-26.12.2020 Tahiti - Australs - Gambier - Tuamotus -  Marquesas O, R
09.01.-06.03.2021 Marquesas - Tuamotus - Tahiti O, R
20.03.-24.04.2021 Tahiti - Moorea - Huahine - Raiatea - Bora Bora R
01.05.-29.05.2021 Bora Bora - Cooks - Tonga O
30.05.-26.06.2021 Tonga - Fiji R
August 2021 Fiji - Vanuatu O, R
September 2021 Vanuatu - New Caledonia O, R
October 2021 New Caledonia - New Zealand O
November 2021 New Zealand R
  *subject to change due to COVID crisis