My Voyage

"Live your life as if someone had manipulated it in your favour." Rumi

My voyage is born from a passion for sailing and a desire to seek freedom. Here is what I have learned along the way, so far.


In the beginning I thought I primarily wanted to see new places and meet people there and that sailing was just a nice mode of traveling. But I am finding out it is more about the journey than the goal… Just being at sea, meeting the elements of wind, waves, and all that huge space out there is rewarding in itself. I tire quite quickly of the bustling life of cities with a lot of people, activity, talk. Spending time in nature, like swimming in a deserted anchorage or going ashore for a walk in the forest and in the hills, soothes my desire to stay connected with the outside and my inside world. Appreciation and a desire to preserve and protect arise naturally.


When circumstances align with your dream, do not hesitate and take the leap. Fears are an indicator that you are moving in the right direction. All else will follow. Be prepared to face the unknown and deal with the unexpected. You grow with every challenge you set for yourself. Then confidence and real strength arise in the face of the next challenge the universe throws your way.


Freedom cannot be taken at face value; it must be fathomed. Most would probably agree that to be able to sail on the ocean wherever your heart desires comes pretty close to the very definition of freedom. We are always searching for what we most desire outside ourselves. It is quite natural to identify and embody what we might associate with freedom: Being independent, able to travel to wherever, whenever, always having what you need with you, your own little floating home. 


My current state of inquiry suspects that freedom goes beyond all of that and is ultimately a state of mind or heart.  I feel free when I am completely open and accepting for whatever the present moment brings. Granted, to experience it fully some outer circumstances are more conducive than others. And sailing the world is a wonderful way to come closer. But in theory it should be possible in all situations, eventually…


In Greek mythology, Moira are the three Goddesses of Fate: One lays out the thread of one’s life, one measures it, and the last cuts it. My boat was named by the previous owner and I decided to keep it. It describes beautifully that things are changing all the time and that we may not have as much control over them as we think. Opportunities arise and present themselves. It is up to us to take them as they will surely pass.