2021 pictures

Pictures Fakarava
2021 pictures · 24. Juni 2021
Thousands of marbled groupers gather every year at the full moon in June to spawn in the South Pass of Fakarava. A fact that the hundreds of grey sharks have figured out as well!

Pictures Tahanea
2021 pictures · 10. Juni 2021
Tahanea is my not so secret paradise!

Pictures Raroia
2021 pictures · 03. Juni 2021
Boobies, mantas, Kon-Tiki and more

Gambier - above water
2021 pictures · 03. Mai 2021
Sunrise over Aukena - one of the islands of the stunning and diverse Gambier archipelago and the big sky above!

Gambier - below water
2021 pictures · 02. Mai 2021
Visit some of the stunning underwater world of the Gambier!