2020 pictures

2020 pictures · 08. Dezember 2020
Visiting our first of the Austral Islands -great decision!

2020 pictures · 07. Dezember 2020
Magnificent mountain peaks on Moorea come into view as we enter Cook's Bay.

2020 pictures · 21. August 2020
Get some impressions of the Northern Marquesas islands of Nuku Hiva and Ua Pou.

2020 pictures · 14. Juli 2020
Check out the pictures of my 23 day and 6 hour single handed passage over 4000 miles / 7000km from Panama City to Taiohae, Nuku Hiva

2020 pictures · 27. Mai 2020
This is what quarantine on a sailboat looks like on my health app: No steps! Good thing we were able to spend the lockdown in Shelter Bay Marina, enjoy more freedom, and join a great cruiser community!

2020 pictures · 31. März 2020
We found paradise - but get kicked out after two days!

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