2020 english

2020 english · 02. Dezember 2020
Together with other cruiser friends I enjoy staying in Papeete, the first real town in maybe six months. It has most of the amenities and stores to get parts or experts to help with boat projects.
2020 english · 02. Oktober 2020
The boat is completely still in the water, invisibly held in place by its anchor and chain. Breaking waves out on the reef are the only soft sound. The sky is clear and the moon in its second quarter. Sounds like Paradise?

2020 english · 21. August 2020
After the long ocean passage I enjoy the land. With friends I explore Nuku Hiva and Ua Pou - both surprisingly mountainous!

2020 english · 13. Juli 2020
4000 miles and about 30 days at sea - a daunting perspective. Embark on this passage with crew or single handed? Due to the COVID crisis Panama is in complete lockdown and finding crew is very difficult. But sometimes circumstances force our luck and in the end the challenge of crossing the Pacific alone appeals to me.

2020 english · 15. Juni 2020
So called for the black pearls that used to be collected here. We find out that the islands are nature pearls in themselves as well.

2020 english · 29. Mai 2020
We move into the lock and the giant riveted steel doors slowly and silently close behind us. Amazingly, these are the original doors from 1913 and are still in daily service. What an incrediblep engineering feat the whole canal presents, let alone all the effort and suffering it took to construct it in a tropical climate!

2020 english · 26. Mai 2020
Time to pause - In the marina we erected a kind of monument of this special time together acknowledging the fact that we are all affected by this and can help each other.

2020 english · 30. März 2020
In March 2020 from Curaçao to Aruba to Colombia, on to San Blas and Colon, Panama

2020 english · 28. Februar 2020
A haircut in St. Barth’s is 80$, one in Nevis is 8$.

2020 english · 09. Februar 2020
Since arriving in Barbados we have visited twenty islands in two months and covered 930nm (about 1700km). How to report on such a mad dash?

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