2019 english

2019 english · 18. Dezember 2019
Find out how the on board washing machine works, what a 'lentil spray' is, how Neptun claims one of our water melons, and how we really did not want to arrive.

2019 english · 06. Dezember 2019
After an exhilarating and fast passage from the Canaries we use the engine for the first time in four days to pull into the port and anchorage of Palmeira on Sal, our first island in the Cape Verdes.

2019 english · 20. November 2019
Launching into boat preparations right after arriving at the airport of Lanzarote and then hopping from island to island in the Canaries - the new crew gets a good breaking in!

2019 english · 03. Oktober 2019
Before making the passage to Lanzarote we stop at the Ilhas Desertas National park and meet one of the endangered monk seals.

2019 english · 28. September 2019
Starting from Thursday, 12 September winds from north east force four to five are predicted. I anticipate an easy passage with winds abeam or close hauled.

2019 english · 22. September 2019
Our overnight passage from Faial to Sao Miguel on a close hauled course is very wet and challenging.

2019 english · 05. September 2019
Terceira is our first island in the Azores, not the third. The name Terceira means third in Portuguese and it is supposed to have been discovered as the third of all the nine islands. This name seems a bit bland as I do not assume that the discoverers ran out of names of catholic saints.

2019 english · 31. August 2019
Download one last weather report, batten down the hatches and off we go! 900nm or 1650km, six uninterrupted days and nights at sea are ahead of us.
2019 english · 27. August 2019
We visit the Rias, deeply indented bays in Galicia and prepare for our crossing to the Azores.

2019 english · 08. August 2019
Moira in the Strait of Gibraltar with Africa in the background Time and places are flying by: Malaga, Gibraltar, Algarve, Lisbon, Porto, Vigo… My highlights are my first single-handed overnight passage, the river cruise on the Rio Guadiana, and the spacious lagoon of Faro with the island of Culatra sheltering it.

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