Enchanting Society Islands
2021 pictures · 25. August 2021
Moorea, Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora, Maupiti - the names alone make for dreams. The reality is even better!

Tahiti again, boat projects AGAIN
2021 pictures · 14. Juli 2021
A strong Mara'amu wind carries me from the Tuamotus once again to Tahiti. Back after nine months a bunch of boat projects have accumulated and need to be taken care of. Double click on pictures to view in large and read the captions.

Pictures Fakarava
2021 pictures · 24. Juni 2021
Thousands of marbled groupers gather every year at the full moon in June to spawn in the South Pass of Fakarava. A fact that the hundreds of grey sharks have figured out as well!

Pictures Tahanea
2021 pictures · 10. Juni 2021
Tahanea is my not so secret paradise!

Pictures Raroia
2021 pictures · 03. Juni 2021
Boobies, mantas, Kon-Tiki and more

Gambier - above water
2021 pictures · 03. Mai 2021
Sunrise over Aukena - one of the islands of the stunning and diverse Gambier archipelago and the big sky above!

Gambier - below water
2021 pictures · 02. Mai 2021
Visit some of the stunning underwater world of the Gambier!

Gorgeous Gambiers
2021 english · 02. Mai 2021
4000nm to Panama, 3000nm to Hawaii, 2500nm to New Zealand, and 900nm to Tahiti (1nm=1,85km). In the midst of the infinite blue of the Pacific Ocean lies this remote group of islands with green wooded mountains rising steeply from the depth. Protected on three sides by a diamond shaped reef with a chain of palm studded coral sand islands, joined like pearls on a necklace.

Die faszinierenden Gambier
2021 deutsch · 01. Mai 2021
Mitten im unendlichen Blau des Pazifik liegt eine abgelegene Inselgruppe mit grün überwucherten und steil aus dem Ozean hochschiessenden Bergen. 4000sm bis Panama, 3000sm bis Hawaii, 2500sm bis Neuseeland und 900sm bis Tahiti (1sm=1,85km). Auf drei Seiten schützend umgeben von einem rautenförmigen Riff mit kleinen palmenbestandenen Korallensandinseln, die wie Perlen auf einer Kette aufgereiht wirken.

2020 pictures · 08. Dezember 2020
Visiting our first of the Austral Islands -great decision!

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